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From January 8 to 11, 2019,
Come discover the most advanced dishwasher in the world.

Logo de Bob, sur Daan Technologies. Jetez l’éponge, adoptez Bob, le premier mini lave-vaisselle 2 couverts ultra-rapide (cycle rapide de 20 minutes), éco-responsable, intelligent et connecté, portable et autonome (grâce à son réservoir d’eau amovible), design, durable et Made in France.

Bob the mini dishwasher is available for pre-order today.
Know more about Daan Technologies and Bob ?
Bob was designed for those who still wash their dishes by hand, due to lack of space and water supply. More than 7 million French households composed of 1 to 2 people are now involved.
Barely bigger than a microwave.
Bob cleans and dries dishes daily from 1 to 2 people in just 20 minutes.
Bob is present at CES of Las Vegas 2019 from january 8 to 11.
Place : USA, Las Vegas
Stand : Tech West, Hall G, Stand 40441 (See more)
06 40 18 25 83