Daan Tech Ambassador Program


Do you own a Bob and want to continue supporting the French industries he represents?

The Daan Tech Ambassador Program rewards you for sponsoring your loved ones. You can earn 20€ per sponsorship, and your referrals will get a 20€ discount on their Bob purchase!

Want to learn more? Subscribe to the Ambassador Map and help other Bobs find their new homes!


Each sponsorship earns you 4 Daan Coins, which you can convert into euros!

To sponsor your relatives:

  • Log into your account
  • Go to the “AMBASSADOR PROGRAM” section
  • Under the “New referrals” tab, enter the email address or/and phone number of the person you want to refer, sending him a 20€ discount for Bob the Mini Dishwasher.
  • Click INVITE and you are done! 


Your relatives will receive a promo code in their email once you’ve sent your invitations. 

To access your sponsorship statistics:

  • From the “AMBASSADOR PROGRAM” section of your account, select the “Overview” tab to see your referrals and statistics.
  • Invited referrals will appear as “In progress.”
  • If your referral uses their sponsorship code, their status will change to “Validated” 14 days after receiving their Bob. 

For each validated referral you earn 4 Daan Coins, depending on the amount of the order. 




Daan Coin Logo   = 5€

The “Earnings” tab allows you to convert your Daan Coins into euros.

To access the Rewards area:

  • From the Ambassador section of your account, click on the “Earnings” tab then on the “Request your transfer” button.

There’s more …

sign up for the ambassador MAP

The Ambassador Map is an ideal platform for developing new sponsorships!

Maps Ambassadeur

1. Register for the Ambassador Map by clicking on the “Appointment Ambassador” section of your account

Phone Ambassadeur

2. Receive an email alert when someone wants to learn more about Bob in your area

Organize Visiteur

3. Schedule a meeting Coordinate to set a date and meeting place

Bob Ambassadeur

4. Introduce Bob and share your Ambassador code to get more rewards

To access the Ambassador Map:

  • If you have a Bob, under the “APPOINTMENT AMBASSADOR” section of your account, register for an Ambassador card.
  • Specify your status: “Ambassador” if you are an individual, or “Showroom” if you wish to present Bob in a public space.
  • Enter some details to complete registration.
  • Check the “Appear on the map” box to introduce Bob to as many people as possible!