The Bob easypack

A better accessorized basket, several filling accessories, a UV-C module, a Bob cassette pack… Discover the Bob easypack at a glance!


The Bob easypack includes the following accessories:

Logo Bob easywater

To connect Bob to a water inlet for automatic filling. (hose length 1.50m).

Logo Bob easytap

Diverter to install at the end of your tap to fill your Bob with the Bob easywater hose.

Logo Bob carafe

The Made in France carafe to fill your Bob and brighten up your table.


Logo Bob carafe

Add 5 glass modules to your basket to wash up to 16 glasses or cups.

Compilation pop/rock

3 pop cassettes + 1 rock’n’roll cassette (i.e. 90 wash cycles and 1 maintenance cycle).

Bob ultraviolet logo

UV-C cleaning module active on wash cycles. Also adds two new cycles without water to clean everyday objects (Keys, phone, wallet, …).