Enjoy peace of mind with Daan Care’s extended warranty

Because is your daily ally, Daan Care is there to look after it

Daan Care is a service provided by Daan Tech to ensure that you get the most out of Bob in the long term. Because accidents can happen, Daan Care is a 3-year warranty extension for your Bob that allows you to take advantage of Daan Tech’s specialised technical assistance free of charge for individuals and professionals.

What is covered by 

Warranty extension

With the warranty extension Daan Care  you can relax because you benefit from a three-year warranty extension in addition to the two-year legal warranty of your Bob.

After-sales service

Our specialised Daan Care customer service team will answer all your questions within 72 hours by email sav@daan.tech or by phone at 02 51 31 12 26.                 

   An assistant will be available to ask you questions and/or accompany you to carry out some quick tests on your Bob to determine the cause of the malfunction.

Sending of spare parts and video tutorials 

If you would like to promote  the option of self-repairing  your Bob at home, the Daan Care warranty extension ensures  that spare parts are sent to you free of charge within 3 working days*.

In order to allow you to repair your Bob yourself, video tutorials will be sent to you by email to guide you step by step**.

Free return and repair of your Bob

If you prefer the factory repair option or if the failure of your Bob requires a return for repair, Daan Care’s extended warranty ensures that your Bob is taken care of completely free of charge.

This includes return to the factory, repairs within 3 working days* and return to your home at no extra cost.

* Deliveries are made by a third party, so we cannot be responsible for the delivery time involved.

** If you opt for self-repair option, be aware that your Bob is still protected your warranty will not be affected in any way, even if you damage anything during self-repair.

Daan Care offer with purchase of a Bob

Subscription to Daan Care with the simultaneous purchase of a Bob mini dishwasher

129,90€  99,90€



Daan Care offer after the purchase of a Bob

Subscription to Daan Care for people who already own a Bob mini dishwasher. 



Add Daan Care to your cart

When ordering your Bob or after purchase, add Daan Care+ insurance to your cart.

Validate your cart

Proceed to payment and complete your order.

Receive a confirmation email

After you have paid for your order, you will receive a confirmation email with your unique Daan Care order code.

Your Bob is protected

Your Bob now benefits from a three-year extended warranty and specialist support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All about 


Daan Care is a 3-year warranty extensionfor your Bob that provides access to technical support and after-sales service in case of breakdowns, defective products or other problems mentioned above.

Yes, you can subscribe to Daan Care !
Log in to your customer account, then proceed to purchase Daan Care online by adding it to your shopping cart. Once you have completed your order and payment, you can relax, your Bob will be protected.

Yes, the Daan Care warranty extension can be purchased at any time.

Yes, the Daan Care warranty extension can be cancelled up to 14 days from the date of purchase of the option and receive a full refund within a few days.