Joe Chef Pack

Joe’s companions for mastering all cooking technologies like a chef.

Drip Pan

With the Joe drip pan, you can prepare all your favourite treats in a healthy and effortless way. The specially designed grooves allow grease to drain away, leaving your dishes golden and crispy without the excess fat.

Pizza Plate

Our special pizza plate for Joe is the essential tool for making homemade pizzas with a crispy crust and delicious toppings. It offers greater control over pizza baking than a simple oven rack.

Roasting tin

Our roasting tin is specially designed for baking meat, poultry, vegetables and other dishes. It cooks evenly and preserves the juiciness of your meats or roasts by simmering them in their own juices during cooking. Versatile, it can be used to cook a variety of foods, including roasts, whole chickens, vegetables, lasagne, gratins and many other dishes.

Additional cooking grid

Add this essential accessory that makes cooking easier by allowing even heat circulation and supporting the food.
You can enjoy 2 levels in Joe to double your preparations.

Temperature probe

Thanks to our temperature probe, you’ll be able to control your recipes like a chef. An invaluable tool for guaranteeing precise food cooking, it measures the precise temperature of each dish. You avoid overcooking or undercooking, and get top-quality cooking results.

Pot Holder

We haven’t forgotten anything: our pot holder is here to make handling all your dishes easier and happier. It’s comfortable and offers just the right amount of thermal protection, so you can enjoy all those gourmet moments without any headaches!

Clean Brush

The cleaning brush to take care of your Joe. Practical and ergonomic, it will give you a thorough clean inside the cavity, removing grease, burnt-on food and encrusted dirt. Use it without limit!