Our values and missions

Daan Tech’s mission is to address the challenges of the 21st century.

With Bob, Daan Tech’s mission is to prove it is possible to produce high quality consumer products at a competitive price, designed to last at least 10 years while using recycled materials to reduce the environmental footprint over the lifetime of the product. More than making public goods, Daan Tech wants to show it’s possible to use technology for the public good.

  • Anticipating new needs stemming from increasing urbanisation and higher mobility while coping with a necessary reduction of the environmental footprint

  • Designing a range of premium and eco-friendly high-tech products



Daan Tech is an industrial company committed to reduce its environmental footprint and strongly opposed to any kind of programmed obsolescence.

We believe scientific progress is the only way to save the planet. That’s why each of our products uses the most advanced technologies to be more reliable, sustainable and respectful towards the environment.



Daan Tech’s engineering department designs innovative and user-friendly devices, fully adapted to the needs of the end user. Intensive tests carried in laboratory ensure the highest life expectancy and compliance with the most stringent standards in the world.