The revolutionary all-in-1 oven

Reduce your impact by using just one device throughout your day

So that in the future we can all limit the use of raw materials and reduce our impact on the environment, Daan Tech continues to engage in the design of eco-responsible and ingenious products.

With Joe, you will only need one device instead of many individual devices. Thus, Joe the combi oven is also an ecological and economical solution for everyone.

With its 5 technologies: Toaster, Grill, Steam cooking, “Air Fryer” convection heat and Microwave, Joe will make you forget about all your old household appliances!

♨️ Toaster

In the morning grill your toasts on both sides thanks to Joe’s Toaster mode. Also take advantage of the combinations with the microwave or our steam technology to regenerate your bread from the day before or defrost it!

🔥 Grill

For your snacks, quick meals, or for the finishing of your recipes, use Joe’s Grill mode!

Quick and efficient, quickly prepare your bruschettas or croque-monsieurs or finish the gratin of your recipes in just a few minutes.

🔄 Convection heat

“Air Fryer” Mode

Easily master cooking all types of recipes and frying without oil!
Thanks to its optimized interior capacity, Joe preheats very quickly with less energy than a traditional oven, very practical for reheating a pizza for exemple!</ p>

☕ Microwave

A good microwave as you know it, but integrated into your oven, that’s Joe’s promise!
Heat your food and drinks throughout your day in the same appliance. A simple way to save space in your kitchen and reduce your consumption of household appliances.

💨 Steam cooking

For simple, healthy and tasty preparations, use Joe’s steam function. Preserve all the nutrients, vitamins and mineral salts of your food.

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