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Bob Door : Interchangeable individual door


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How do I change my Bob's door?

Disclaimer and terms of use

Any breakage occurring during the replacement of your door will not be covered by Bob the Mini Dishwasher's warranty. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions in the video tutorial provided.
Included in the product
  • A Bob door in the selected color
  • A Torx T20 screwdriver (Only tool needed to dismantle the door)
  • A QR code redirecting to the video tutorial


Discover all the colors

You are moving, changing your decoration or just want to change the door according to your wishes? Discover all our colors in detail!

Bob pastel 🌷

A desire for sweetness? Ice Blue, Pink Pastel and Almond Green are the 3 pastel colors we offer!

Bob fire 🔥

Looking for warmth? Canary yellow, Clockwork Orange and Cherry Red are the 3 warm colors of our range!

Bob electric ⚡️

Want to enliven your interior?
Apple green, Maya blue and Intense violet are the 3 “electric” colors


🤍 Bob black & white 🖤

Desire for simplicity? Make the choice of timeless and universal colors, the colors Shiny Silver, Snow White and Dark Black will seduce you!

⚪ Mat doors ⚫

Desire for purity? Matt white or Matt black, choose one of the colors from our new range.