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10 good reasons to have a mini dishwasher

If you are desperately trying to find a high performance mini dishwasher, this article is for you. Bob has a lot of practical advantages, and today we offer you to discover the most of them.

1. An ideal appliance for small households

The Bob mini dishwasher has a capacity of 3 cutlery sets, perfect for students, couples and of course people living alone. It has an express cycle, so you don’t have to waste time after each meal washing your plates and cutlery.

It is not bulky, Bob occupies a small space in the house and remains design.

2. A mini appliance with mini consumption

Like any household appliance, the dishwasher consumes electricity, and of course, water. Bob uses only 2.9 litres of water per Express cycle, which is 5 times less than when you wash dishes by hands (you consume 15 litres for the same amount of dishes).


The end of piles of dirty dishes in the sink

The mini dishwasher allows you to wash your dishes safely. No more piles of dishes in the sink due to lack of time or laziness. And so for the judgments of your family and friends.


4. For those with a camping-car or van

For the camping-car and vanlife lovers, the Bob mini dishwasher can be a perfect solution to save you time for doing some other things. There is no need to make a direct water connection to fill the dishwasher. Bob allows you to keep water with a built-in 4L tank and to save on electricity consumption.

The mini dishwasher also allows you to stay in comfort, as it has light weight and compact dimensions.

5. A noiseless mini dishwasher

Bob has a sound level of 43dB, which means that it’s a noseless appliance for a quiet office or a flat. Even during the most intense washing cycle, you won’t hear it and not be disturbed.


6. Support for EU industry and made in France

Buying a Bob mini dishwasher means choosing to favour more environmentally friendly appliances and the French manufacturing, with the deep knowledge saved through years from the old Fagor-Brandt factory. 

This is why Bob is entirely created in our 2500m2 factory located in the Vendée, France.

7. Reducing environmental impact

The Daan Positive Cycle is our commitment to keeping our environmental footprint as small as possible. It consists of 5 main elements :

  • Saving water
  • Combating the use of single-use plastic
  • Producing with recycled plastic
  • Creating inclusive jobs in France and Europe 
  • Using sustainable packaging solutions

8. It can be personalised

You can choose from 12 colours for the door, and 2 colours for the body – 24 combinations to personalise the Bob you’ve always wanted. You can customise not only the doors and body of your mini dishwasher, but also the ringtone, wallpaper, wash cycle and lighting. So, did you choose the Bob of your dream ?

Roue des couleurs Bob le mini lave-vaisselle

9. Instagrammable

If usually no one taunts people with a mini-dishwasher, with Bob you can do it, its design is so original that you want to show it even on Instagram. 

10. A great name

While other mini-dishwashers have a robot name, Bob has a cool side. Also, many celebrities are called Bob, for example Sponge Bob, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan or Bob Sinclar.


The top 10 is coming to an end! Now you’ve got enough arguments to convince all your friends to buy one! And it’s up to you to show them the way!