Bob is the first mini autonomous dishwasher in the world !

To make it even more autonomous, Daan Tech has created a super innovative product, adding a tank that can be filled simply like a coffee machine.

For this reason, Daan Tech has thought to satisfy every wish and need that you have, offering you the possibility to buy the Bob.carafe option.

With Bob.carafe you can choose your favourite carafe (1.3L) to fill your Bob: stable, light and very easy to handle !


Don’t you have time? Do you have a hectic life?

Don’t worry, Daan Tech has thought about your needs too!

Bob not only has an independent tank that can be filled with a carafe, it can also be connected to the water supply in your home, wherever you prefer: in the kitchen, in the laundry room, in the bathroom or on your terrace…

For this reason, Daan Tech has created the Bob.easywater option: a flexible, 1.5 metre long water inlet hose.