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Decorating trends: gold, copper and silver in the kitchen!

The kitchen is the centrepiece of the house : a place for family get-togethers, culinary creativity… it illustrates the soul of a home. As the focal point of the home continues to evolve, open kitchens are becoming the major feature, in tandem with the living room and even the office area – as a result of teleworking (open kitchens account for 68% of renovations). That’s why decoration is so important, even when it comes to household appliances.

Adopt our new range of metallic finishes inspired by the 2023 trend guides !

The colour palette includes gold, copper and silver. This refined, sophisticated yet daring finish is ultra-trendy when it comes to decorating. It will add sparkle and elegance to your home. If you’re in the process of renovating your kitchen or just want to add a little more style, metallic-coloured appliances could be the ideal solution for you : an opportunity to introduce just the right amount of originality without going overboard with colour.

Bob the iconic dishwasher - Metallic finish

Bob the eco-compact dishwasher has been a huge success since its launch. An iconic product, its rounded shapes and pop colours never cease to amaze design enthusiasts who want to express their creativity in the kitchen. Now Bob is back with a brand-new range in metallic shades that will make a statement in any kitchen. A real jewel, its finish adds a top-of-the-range touch to all types of space and will enhance your decor. 

Discover our new palette of vibrant colours that blend harmoniously into a kitchen with a choice of blazing materials.

Original Gold

The Original Gold finish adds a touch of luxury to your kitchen. This subtle golden shade adds a touch of elegance and glamour to your home. It reflects light captivatingly, creating a refined, contemporary atmosphere. Bob’s Original Gold finish will brighten up your kitchen and make you stand out from the crowd with a unique charisma.

Pearl Silver

A design element in its own right, our Pearl Silver colour creates a sober ambience while adding a material effect that adds character and relief. This cold, luminous silver tone captures the essence of modern urbanity. A timeless, even futuristic design, Pearl Silver can be applied in many different ways and to all styles. It brings sophistication and timeless freshness to any space, reflecting light in a unique way.

Auburne Copper

A colour that’s both trendy and vintage, copper is now back with a vengeance to create a warm, friendly atmosphere in every room of the house. This noble, warm colour can be combined with other materials such as wood, marble or concrete to create subtle contrasts and modern atmospheres. It can be used to add touches of light and sparkle to a pure interior, or to warm up a rustic ambience.