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Joe, the fantastic cooking appliance – Steam cooking


Designed and manufactured in France, this appliance offers a host of features for an exceptional culinary experience. Pre-orders for Joe will be launched on 10 October 2023, giving cooking enthusiasts the chance to get their hands on this appliance before anyone else.

With its unique design, Joe is a true orchestra conductor in the kitchen. Thanks to its different cooking modes, you can whip up tasty, healthy dishes in no time at all. Whether it’s steaming to preserve nutrients and minerals, frying for crispy foods, or gentle cooking at low temperature for tender meats, Joe will satisfy every culinary desire.


Quick and easy meal preparation is made possible with Joe, the fantastic cooking appliance. With its wide range of cooking functions, Joe offers a practical solution for preparing meals quickly and easily. With its ergonomic, eco-compact design and a range of cooking modes, Joe saves time by cooking food efficiently and evenly.

Whether you want to bake, roast, simmer or reheat, Joe has all the features you need to make meal preparation easy. Prepare a wide variety of dishes in record time. From crispy steamed vegetables to juicy marinated chicken breast, crispy chicken wings and tasty vegetable crisps, the culinary possibilities are endless. By opting for steaming, you not only save time, you also benefit from a practical and healthy cooking method.

Discover the many benefits of steam cooking with Joe, the fantastic cooking appliance.


Healthy cooking: essential nutrients preserved, fat eliminated

Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to prepare your meals. It offers many advantages for a balanced and nutritious diet. To begin with, steaming preserves the essential nutrients in food. The gentle, moist heat of steam preserves the nutrients, so they remain intact in the prepared food.

Furthermore, steaming does not require the use of added fats, making it even healthier. By avoiding the use of oils, butter or other fats, you reduce your calorie intake.

Cuisinez facilement vos pavés de saumon avec Joe, le fantastique appareil de cuisson

Cook your salmon steaks easily with Joe, the fantastic cooking appliance. This can be particularly beneficial for people on a low-fat diet or trying to lose weight.

Consistent cooking

Thanks to its steam cooking technology (100°), Joe cooks food evenly, guaranteeing tasty results every time. Using steam cooks food evenly, preserving essential nutrients.

The steam produced by Joe ensures gentle, delicate cooking, making steamed dishes more appetising both visually and in terms of taste, while preserving the natural texture and flavour of the food. This cooking method is perfect for crunchy vegetables and delicate fish.


Rigorous technical design for exceptional performance

Cuisinez avec Joe, le fantastique appareil de cuisson

Joe’s design and construction have been thought through to deliver a sensational steaming experience. With its unique design, Joe brings a touch of elegance to your kitchen while guaranteeing durability and shock resistance. The high-quality stainless steel cooking bowl is not only easy to clean, but also corrosion-resistant, so you can enjoy your appliance for many years to come.

Joe’s innovative cup is designed to keep steam inside the appliance, ensuring even and efficient steaming. This feature ensures that food is cooked gently and evenly, preserving its essential nutrients.

Thanks to its spacious interior (W33.5cm D35cm H18cm), Joe makes it possible to prepare several dishes at once, without mixing flavours. This feature is ideal for families of 4 or for entertaining friends. Joe is equipped with a removable water tank with a capacity of 1L, allowing food to be steamed in 1 hour, as well as hydrating foods such as hard bread or pastries.

In addition to its technical design, Joe boasts advanced technical features such as an LCD screen and pre-programmed cooking programmes for fast, precise cooking. Its intuitive, responsive interface makes it easy to navigate from one cooking mode to the next.

Whether you’re a top chef or a passionate amateur, this versatile, high-performance appliance will support you in all your culinary creations.


To conclude, steaming is a fantastic cooking technique that preserves vitamins and minerals while eliminating pollutants and unhealthy fats. By integrating Joe, the cooking appliance, into your kitchen, you can ensure that you’re preparing healthy, tasty meals for you and your family. Don’t miss the opportunity to pre-order Joe, the fantastic cooking appliance made in France by Daan Tech. Revolutionise the way you cook and enjoy an unrivalled culinary experience from 10 October 2023.