Daan Tech has launched Bob’s next generation

Did you order your Bob before July 10th, 2023?

Take advantage of our Bob OS V10 upgrade, offering optimised performance for your daily wash.

More intuitive interface, more reliable connection. Thanks to new electronic cards, your Bob is faster and your interface more fluid.

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The Kit Evolution Bob OS V10 integrates the latest technological advances to assure the optimal functioning of your dishwasher. An unbeatable combination of performance, technology, and ease of use.

Discover how Bob’s new software update can enhance your daily dishwashing routine.

BOB OS V9 and prior

Until 09/07/2023

Bob OS V10

From 10/07/2023 to today

Graphic Interface

Standard version

New version

Interface speed


Improved (+30%)

Accounting of future software updates



Delay start

Only for Bobs produced from november 2021 (V8.0.0)


Wi-Fi Connection Protocol

Standard Portal

Easy connect or Standard Portal

LED and Sound effect customisation

From the client’s account (With Wi-Fi)

From Bob (Without Wi-Fi)

How does it work ?

  1. Order and receive the kit that is compatible with your version of Bob.
  2. Replace parts of your Bob by following our video tutorials (Estimated time: 30 minutes).
  3. Enjoy the very latest version of Bob OS, which is compatible with future updates.
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Compatible only with Bob ordered before July 10, 2023

💡 To find the kit suitable for your Bob, please check the type label at the back of your Bob and fill out the following form.

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Video Tutorial

Change the control card

Change the power board

Change the filling pump