Daan Technologies at Station F !

After months of hard work on Bob’s prototype, we are finally seeing our efforts rewarded! We are proud to announce that we are integrating the prestigious french start-up campus Station F.
What is Station F?
Inaugurated on June 29, the futuristic institution wants to be the incarnation of the growing dynamism of the French entrepreneurial ecosystem. Success. Modern and open architecture, huge coworking spaces, bright bays, meeting rooms : everything seems to have been designed and implemented to develop synergies, break codes, build the future.


It is in this stimulating and enriching context that we will now develop! At our disposal, a Tech Lab managed by Techshop Ateliers Leroy Merlin. Without forgetting of course … the famous Anticafé. Like the campus, the Anticafé is also based on an innovative concept: you pay nothing more than the time you spend there!
From Daan Lab to Station F
Until the end of last summer, we were still working in our own workshop, called « Daan Lab ». It hosted the first versions of Bob’s prototype and we began to feel a little bit cramped there. Winner of the French Tech Diversity 2017 competition, Daan Technologies now integrates the industrial incubator Usine IO, which own a cowork space at Station F. Like Usine IO, various support structures for start-ups, incubators and accelerators are already at Station F, or will invest it soon, such as the Facebook start-up garage, the Thales digital factory, EYE (EDHEC Young Entrepreneurs), VentePrivee, etc.
The Lift-off program (@Usine IO)
As part of this program, we will be assisted during the pre-industrialization of Bob, including the execution of a proof of concept (PoC) (Bob’s functional prototype), a test campaign with potential users, a validation of the Bill of Materials (Bob’s BoM) and a product clip. Stay tuned !