Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers to your questions about Bob the mini dishwasher


When will be the first deliveries in Europe?

Bob is in the process of industrialization, the production will start by the 2020 summer. To date, we have received more than 5000 pre-orders, which corresponds to 3 months of production. This is why all pre-orders registered frow now will be delivered in autumn 2020

Do I have to pay in one time or can I pay in instalments?

The payment is due in one time. For the moment you cannot pay in instalments but we are working on it.

Why the delivery is so long?

We are reviving a sector that no longer existed in France, we need to recreate a production line and hire people which takes a little time. But rest assured that we are doing our utmost to be productive and to deliver Bob as soon as possible.

What guarantee do I have to be delivered? Can I be refund ?

We will deliver Bob in any case since its production will start soon. In accordance with our Terms & Conditions you have a pay back period of 14 days from the delivery date of the product. If we cannot deliver before December 25, 2019, you can ask for a refund.

I live in Canada, does Bob work at home?

Unfortunately Bob can not work in Canada because Bob is designed in 220-230 V. The manufacturing standards are also different. Another version of Bob will be developed for the North American market.

I live in the French territories overseas, can I receive Bob?

Bob will be able to travel in the French territories, but for the moment he does not fly yet. In a few months we will put shipments outside the European zone in place.

I live in Japan, Middle East, South Africa, can I get Bob?

For the moment Bob does not travel internationally yet.

I planned to move by this summer, what will happen?

You can change your delivery address in your customer account.

I may be on vacation during Bob's delivery, what will happen?

We will keep informed of the departure of the first expeditions, but in any case the carrier will not return Bob to the factory, the package will be deposited in a post office.


Do we have to connect Bob to a water supply?

2 solutions :

  1. You can choose to connect Bob to a water supply
  2. You can choose to use his autonomous 2,4L water tank.

How do you fill the tank?

Like a coffee machine, from the front.

How to know when the tank is full / empty?

There is a sensor in the tank that allows to display on the screen the level of the water in the tank.

Is the inlet hose supplied?

No, but it will be available as an option on our website.

Is the water drain hose provided?


What is the length of the drain hose provided?

1,50 meters.

How does Bob drain dirty water?

Bob is equipped with a drain pump and a drain hose. You can put this drain hose directly in the sink, in a bucket or a jerry can.

I do not want to put my Bob next to the sink but underneath. Will the water be evacuated?

Yes, thanks to the drain pump the water rises in the pipe up to 1m20.

What is the length of the power cable?

1,50 meters.

I want to secure my Bob. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible to lock your Bob with the Lock Kensington system. This lock will be available as an option on our website.

Washing product and maintenance

Which kind of detergent should I use with Bob?

You must use dishwasher gel, available at the supermarket. DO NOT use dish soap! Otherwise it’s going to be foam party in the kitchen.

How to maintain Bob? The water from my home is very calcareous

We recommend that you launch an empty cycle with 25 cl of white vinegar once a month.

Technical characteristics

What are the external dimensions of Bob?

Width: 34cm (13.4 inches)
Height: 49cm (19.3 inches)
Depth: 49cm (19.3 inches)

The door is 34 cm high (13 inches).

With the fully open door Bob measures 83 cm deep (32.7 inches).

What are the inner dimensions of Bob?

Width: 30cm (11,8 inches)
Height: 30cm (11,8 inches)
Depth: 36cm (14,2 inches)

What is the maximum diameter of plates that can be put in Bob?

The maximum size of the plates is 30 cm in diameter.

Can we put pots or pans inside Bob?

Yes, they can be placed in Bob.

What is the capacity of Bob?

According to the European standard, Bob is a 2 place setting dishwasher.

According to the usage, it is about the daily dishes of 2 people: 4 plates, 4 glasses, 2 cups, 2 bowls, a small saucepan, and cutlery (knives, forks, spoons).

The cycle is very short (only 20 minutes), so you can launch several cycles throughout the day.

How many decibels does Bob produce?

The tests are running at the lab, the results will be published on our Facebook page


What are the materials used for Bob? Are they recyclable?

Bob is injected polypropylene, it is a recyclable plastic material.


What is the weight of Bob?

10kg (22 pounds)

What is the temperature of the water during the cycle?

Bob heats the water up to 70 degrees during the 20 minutes standard cycle.

With customization, you can choose between 50°C and 80°C.


What is the wifi for?

Bob is equipped with wifi to be able to work with an application which will allow you to create you own cycles or to assist the after-sale service in case of breakdown.

Do I need a smartphone to use Bob?

No, Bob has his own buttons, the use of the smartphone is not required.

Can Bob be connected with a smart speaker like Google Home?

No. Not for this first version of Bob.

Can we turn off the wifi function?

Yes, and Bob still works!

What information is displayed on Bob's screen?

The different modes, a menu to enable / disable the wifi, the water temperature and the water level of the tank. And many other functionality to come!

Warranty and repairability

What is the duration of Bob's warranty?

Bob is subject to European warranties: he is guaranteed 2 years.

What happens after 2 years?

We ensure its repairability for 8 years. In case of problem we establish the diagnosis with you. The parts of the machine will be available on our website at cost price (shipping not included). You can repair your Bob yourself by opening it at the back very easily.

Can I open and repair my Bob myself in the first two years?

If you want to repair your Bob during the warranty period it will make the warranty fail. If as a result of your intervention Bob does not work anymore we will not be able to take charge of his repair for free.

Energy and water consumption

I have a motor home, camper van, RV, can I use Bob?

Bob operates only in 220-230V, but it is possible to use it in motorhomes equipped with an inverter of at least 1000W.

What is its energy consumption?

Bob consumes 0.35 kwh / cycle, energy class A ++

What is its amperage?

4 amps. Maximum power 1000W.

What is the standby consumption?

0W. Thanks to a patented system.

What is the water consumption per cycle?

Only 2,4 liters per cycle. It is 5 times less water than handwashing (15L).