Wi-Fi connection guide


Add many features to your Bob by connecting it to your Daan Tech account


Connect Bob to his Wi-Fi network:


Step 1/3

Connect your smartphone or a computer to the Wi-Fi network “Bob_XXXX” with the following password: XXXXXXXXXX

Once you are connected, select (>) button to go to the next step. 


Step 2/3

Enter the following in the address bar of your web browser:

Once the website is loaded please select (>) button to proceed to the next step. 


Step 3/3

In your web browser on your smartphone or computer, select the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect Bob.



Please use a private network secured with a password. 



Once the Wi-Fi network is selected, Bob connects and a validation screen appears.

BRAVO, your Bob is now connected to the internet. Now, you need to pair it to your Daan Tech account. 

Link Bob to your Daan Tech customer account:


Your Bob is unique and has therefore a unique ID or MAC address as follows:


Connect to your Daan Tech account on www. daan. tech In your account “My account” Select the “Manage my Bob” tab. Enter the unique ID of your Bob in the dedicated field. Validate



If the connection is lost during the pairing process, an error message is displayed. You can either try again or cancel your connection and
consequently not connect Bob to your account (you can then do it later from Bob’s settings)


To complete pairing Bob to your account, you need to confirm your email address.


Your Bob is now paired with your Daan Tech account



If your Bob is connected to WIFI, we will automatically push the latest updates: Bob OS.

You will receive an email when a new update is available.

Your Bob will then automatically be updated when you restart it. 

The content of this page is presented for information only, it does not in any way constitute a complete notice. For more information, please refer to Bob’s user guide.