The dishwasher tablet with all benefits

Highly concentrated

All-in-1: rinse and salt

Glass protection and shine

For all types of dishwashers

For mini dishwasher or classic dishwasher,
use 1 Bob Tablette per cycle

For longer cycles and hard water

Run a cycle longer than 30 minutes to guarantee the best cleaning performance with Bob Tablette


Our environmental commitments

Eco-friendly in our DNA

Mini tablet 12gr
Less product = Less pollution

98% ingredients of natural origin

Local manufacturing in France
Less transport = Less pollution

EU Ecolabel DK/015/008

Nordic Swan Ecolabel 5017 0065

No animal testing

Click here to access the Bob Tassette Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


Why Bob Tablette?

Daan Tech designs and manufactures electronics and home applicances. As the leading manufacturer of dishwashers in France since 2016, Daan Tech has decided to contribute its know-how by offering a tablet that is truly efficient and eco-friendly.

We develop products to make dishwashing as easy and efficient as possible for you. By using Bob Tablette, you support the reindustrialization of France.


How it works?

1. Take the amazing Bob Tablette

2. Place Bob Tablette in the tablet slot provided for this purpose

3. Run a cycle longer than 30 minutes to guarantee the best cleaning performance.


Our offers

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Pack 90 Tablets

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