What is Daan Tech?

Daan Tech is an industrial company which designs, makes, and sells innovative devices to answer the challenges of the 21st century.

Its first product is Bob the mini dishwasher, the smallest, fastest and most advanced autonomous dishwasher.

Bob addresses two challenges: first, Bob allows single persons or couples who don’t have enough place for a traditional dishwasher to finally get a mini dishwasher perfectly fit for their use; second, Bob addresses the circular economy challenge since it has been designed to last at least 10 years, without any kind of programmed obsolescence and is made from recycled plastics.

Foundations of the company

Daan Tech was established in 2016 to design, make and sell a range of devices and services to tackle the main challenges of the 21st century. Its first product is Bob the mini dishwasher, the world’s most advanced autonomous and eco-friendly dishwasher.

Since Daan Tech has been incorporated it gathered a deep know-how about mechanical design, plastic injection, hardware electronics, software development and product integration within its 2,500sqm factory located in Vendée, France.

Its know-how stems from the experience of a former home appliance leader factory located in Western France which manufactured home appliances for decades and employed up to 3000 persons at its height.


Three key people allowed Daan Tech to grow:

  • Damian PY, a crazy engineer who wanted initially to create company in robotics and who for instance created Bob’s automatic magnetic opening.

  • Antoine FICHET, a marketing wizard who had the idea of Bob the mini dishwasher in 2009 which was by then called “Rudy”, and who met Damian in 2015 to finally launch Daan Tech in 2016

  • Nicolas RAVALLEC, former industrial director of S20 Industries who joined Daan Tech in 2019 to restart manufacturing dishwashers in France and manage the Daan Factory.


Since its incorporation Daan Tech has been increasingly joined by talented persons willing to do meaningful things in their job. Today, they develop Daan Tech in France and abroad, and contribute to its success.



Daan Tech has been created to design, make, and sell innovative products and services which solve major challenges while providing meaningfulness to our customers, our employees, and more generally the whole society.

While being a French company, Daan Tech has the ambition of being a global company and export its solutions worldwide since none of the challenges of the 21st century can be solved only in France.


That’s why Daan Tech chose as motto:

‘Designing Meaningful Things’

Devise Daan Tech Designing Meaningful Things


Designing Meaningful Things for all the persons around the world who will join our company to increase its impact, and billions of other who will use our solutions.