We introduce 

The most effective all-in-one distribution system for dishwashing detergents in the world

Bob combined with Bob cassette is the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean your dishes!

Bob cassette by Daan Tech from back side blue color

How does it work?
Like a music cassette, insert & play.

1. Open Bob

2. Insert Bob cassette

3. Press PLAY & enjoy freedom!

Bob now takes care of the next 30 washes
Watch the video:

4 things you should know about Bob cassette


With the expertise of Daan Tech we are able to use the right dosage of dishwashing detergent needed for sparkling clean dishes.
Your dishes have never been so shiny!

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We have created the most efficient distribution system for concentrated dishwashing detergents in the world: the  Bob cassette.

It is so concentrated that it is small enough to pass through your letterbox and replaces all products used on a traditional dishwasher.

The Bob cassette has been designed by Daan Tech engineers with two compartments. This is our secret recipe and we are the only one in the world to do it this way.It makes it possible to use two different types of detergent in the same appliance. We can introduce the right amount of the right detergent at the right time of the cycle, so you can be assured of the best quality detergent you can’t find anywhere else.


30 cycles of concentrated dishwasher all-in-one detergent eliminating the need to buy salt or rinse aid.

Bob pop cassette high quality
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Bob cassette includes 30 cycles of concentrated dishwasher all-in-one detergent eliminating the need to buy salt or rinse aid. In fact, for anti limestone water treatment, traditional dishwashers have a regenerating salt tank, which needs to be regularly checked and refilled. With Bob cassette, no dishwasher salt is needed, everything is included! The limestone is automatically destroyed by our cleaning solution.


Each Bob cassette is returnable and reusable. We refill them and put them back on the market. Close the loop, lower your ecological footprint. 

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If we recycle, we are doing our bit for the planet, aren’t we?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Recent figures show that around 40% of discarded household bottles in Europe are collected for recycling. But because of ‘taint’ (the residue left over from household and personal care products), only bottles containing drinks can be recycled into other bottles. For example, your washing-up liquid bottle is transformed into a kind of fleece or a traffic cone. This is not recycling, but ‘down-cycling’. And if this new product comes at the end of its life? Then it can no longer be down-cycled and ends up in the rubbish dump.

The sad fact is that almost every plastic bottle of cleaning and dishwashing detergent for home use ends up in a landfill. Surely that is not what you imagine when you see that neat little recycling logo?

Don’t throw away your Bob cassette, take it back to our factory, we refill it and put it back on the market. Plastic that we don’t use is always better, even from recycled material.

To guarantee the best cleaning quality, we have made the Bob cassette smart enough so that Bob knows when to place the right amount of washing product at the right time of the cycle. Make it smart with the expertise of Daan Tech, this is also the way to avoid wasting detergent.

Returning your Bob cassette is completely free of charge!


The right amount of detergent at the right time of the cycle: no detergent is wasted.

30 cycles with only 120mL of detergent, you have never seen that before! Less product also means less plastic for packaging.

Made from 100% recycled plastic

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Only tested on dishes

We are proud that all our Bob cassettes are cruelty-free and 100% free of animal ingredients.

Don’t waste detergent

We have found a way to use lower levels of added chemicals per wash when compared to the other tablets or detergents. Moreover, achieved this without reducing cleaning performance.

Bring back your Bob cassette, close the loop!

Each Bob cassette can be returned and reused at least 1000 times!

Less packaging

Bob Cassettes are supplied as an ultra-concentrated cleaning agent. They’re around four times more concentrated than similar products on the market, which means they require four times less plastic packaging. And weigh about 70% less than bottles and dispensers. That means 70% less plastic waste. 30 dishwashing cycles with only 120mL of detergent, you have never seen that before!

Our cardboard

Our cardboard packaging is made from Forest Stewardship Council® approved, sustainable materials and is 100% recyclable.

Just like the different types of music, we invented 2 different types of Bob cassettes.
For different uses.


30 washes / pop cassette

1 month of freedom (based on daily Bob use)

Deep cleansing and degreasing

Glass protection

Rinse aid and salt function included

Efficient in short cycle

Zero Waste Solution: The Bob cassette can be returned to reduce its impact on the environment.


1 machine cleaning cycle

The rock’n’roll cassette thoroughly cleans your Bob and removes the limestone to prevent any damage and make your Bob last forever.


Cleans and refreshes your Bob

Eliminates limestone

Degreasing capacity

Extends the life of your Bob


Find out everything about Bob cassette

Is the use of a Bob cassette mandatory?

However, to ensure optimal washing quality and higher Bob life durability we recommend using the Bob cassette.

What are the differences between the pop and rock'n'roll cassette?
The pop cassette allows you to wash your dishes. It replaces current detergent solutions (dishwasher pods for instance).
The rock’n’roll cassette allows you to clean your Bob with a specific program without dishes (hoses, spray arms, pumps and filters)
Could I have more information about the rock'n'roll cassette?

In addition to optimal washing quality with the pop cassette, using the Bob rock’n’roll cassette ensures the highest longevity for your Bob.

How does it work?

1. Remove all the dishes inside Bob (your Bob has to be empty)

2. Insert the rock’n’roll cassette into your Bob

3. Go to the Bob cassette menu, click on the “rock’n’roll program”.

4. The cycle will last 30 minutes and will clean all your Bob: pumps, spray arm, pipes, hoses, basket, filters…

5. The rock’n’roll cassette is only used for one cycle (all the content is used during the rock’n’roll program)

6. Once your Bob cassette is finished, you can return it back to Daan Tech for refilling.

Using every 90 cycles a rock’n’roll cassette will save your Bob from aging.

At Daan Tech, we believe home appliances should last forever. The pop cassette is cool. The rock’n’roll cassette is magic!

How many cycles can I do with a pop cassette?

The pop cassette includes 30 wash / rinse cycles, equivalent to one month of use based on daily use.

How many cycles can I do with a rock'n'roll cassette?

The rock’n’roll cassette includes 1 complete Bob cleaning cycle. It is a specific program to run at least once every 90 cycles to guarantee the longest lifespan of Bob.

Can I refill my Bob cassette myself?


We use a highly concentrated detergent formula which is not publicly available for sale.

So we have set up a way to collect used cassettes, clean them and refill them in our factory.

This allows us to offer you an optimal washing quality with a zero waste solution!

How can I get a Bob cassette?

Bob cassettes will be available on our website.

A set of Bob cassettes will be provided with each Bob on pre-order to thanks our backers for their support!

What is the price of a Bob cassette?

They solution has been developed and tested. The price will be announced soon.

Stay tuned!