Bob le mini lave-vaisselle

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Commandez Bob dès aujourd’hui, le mini lave-vaisselle Made in France le plus compact et le plus rapide au monde. Il lave la vaisselle quotidienne de 2 personnes en 20 min.

Discover Bob in Augmented Reality

Visualize Bob at home :

Do you want to visualize Bob at home to understand its dimensions and design? Use our augmented reality experience with your smartphone to virtually place and see Bob in your home.
Please note: Some older smartphones are not compatible with the AR experience.

Scan the QR code to accès AR experience

Which door finish to choose?

Made from 100% recycled plastic, the door is the charm of your Bob. Choose it according to the layout of your kitchen!

  • Matte

    Matte finish door
    Matt Bob logo

    Matte finish buttons

  • Glossy & chrome finish

    Gloss finish door
    Chrome Bob logo

    Chrome finish buttons


Can I change doors later?

Yes, we also sell single doors in our store. This will allow you to change colors whenever you want.

Why such a price difference?

The colored doors have a special varnish to guarantee a beautiful shine as well as chrome finishes on the buttons and the Bob logo.

Where and how are Bob's doors made?

Bob's doors are manufactured in Vendée, 50km from our factory at Variance in Aizenay (85190).

Why have a porthole in the door?

In addition to allowing you to see your dishes inside, this is also a design aspect that we wanted to bring to Bob!

Customer reviews for Bob le mini lave-vaisselle:

  • 5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
    Ordered my Bob dishwasher on the 30th of January, received it today the 21st of February. I am impressed. It really does a good job, even on the short 20 minute cycle. He really is a very cute dishwas...
  • 5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
    Ordered the 4th January and received Bob yesterday 31st January. I emailed daan tech twice for updates and I was very pleased with the quick response. The response was in English and order notificatio...
  • 5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
    Hur härlig maskin som helst. Leverans och information mycket föredömligt. Vi köpte en komplett maskin med alla finesser. Min sambo älskar den. Väldigt snygg är den också. Fungerar på alla sä...
  • 5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
    Jeg er vild med min BOB. Han gør et rigtig godt job. Han bruger kun 4 l vand pr opvask, og nu har jeg altid et ryddeligt køkken. Det er dejligt når man har et meget lille køkken.Har altid haft pro...
  • 5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
    We bought a pre-made Bob direct from their website. I was a bit worried after reading other reviews about them seemingly overwhelmed with orders, so purchased on credit card and kept fingers crossed! ...
  • 4 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
    I’ve had my Bob for 8 months now and it’s a great dishwasher. Like other reviews mention, import charges took me by surprise but Daan tech did meet me half way with some compensation. I haven’t ...
Energy Label Bob
產品類型 超小型洗碗機
安裝型 獨立式(例如在工作面上)。
安裝和使用地點 Bob適合任何地方:廚房、公司辦公室、休息室、二級住宅、房車、船隻等。
填充水箱 以上由前部,實用,允許你把Bob放在水槽下。
Bob是自動的嗎? 是的,內置水箱
水箱容量(升) 3,9L
與供水系統的連接 是的,有Bob easywater入口軟管(可選)。
排水系統 放在水槽或其他排水系統的管道
排水管長度 1.50 m
根據歐洲標準的蓋子(位置設置)的數量 2
根據使用情況的蓋子(位置設置)的數量 2人用的日常餐具:4個盤子、4個杯子、2個杯子、2個碗、1個小鍋或煎鍋,以及餐具(刀、叉、勺子)。
最大盤子尺寸 29 cm
籃子的定制 是的,模塊化籃子
提供的籃子配件 主籃,1個盤子模式,1個餐具模式,2個玻璃模式
為專業人士使用 是的,10分鐘的眼鏡模式(感謝Bob extraglass選項)和20分鐘的快速模式。
程序數量 5個作為標準:快速, 日常, 强力, 杯子, 環保
洗滌程序的個性化 是的,可以創建多達4個性化的模式
快速程序的時間 20分鐘(只有!)
每個快速程序的用水量 2.9L
清洗溫度 30-70°C
Bob寬度 34 cm
Bob高度 49 cm
Bob深度 49 cm
高度可調 是的,4個腳趾可以調節高度,最高可達+1厘米
產品重量 10,9 kg
箱子的重量(交付)。 15 kg
可運輸性 2個符合人體工程學的手柄,便於攜帶
二合一的洗碗機 用Bob紫外線消毒器進行紫外線殺菌照射(UVGI)(可選)
乾燥模式 自然和經濟,模式結束時自動開門,自然乾燥,不消耗能源
門的開啟系統 觸摸
照明 多色RGB LED系統
聲音警報 是的,蜂鳴器
介面 320x240px的彩色LCD屏幕
導航 3個背光的物理按鈕
連接性 無線Wi-Fi
飾面 光滑的車門,亞光的車身,按鈕和標誌的鍍鉻處理,透明的中央舷窗
門的顏色數量 12種顏色的門
身的顏色數量 2種顏色的身
自定義信息 80個字符的感謝Bob的信息(可選)
電源供應 110V / 60Hz
電力 1100W
額定電流 10 A
防盜系統 是的,Bob鎖防盜系統(可選)。
擔保 2年
備件的可用性 10年
品牌名稱 Bob小寶洗碗機
製造商名稱 Daan Technologies SAS
製造產地 法國(旺代)
標籤和認證 保證法國原產地
回收的材料 Bob是由超過50%的回收和可回收材料製成的。
觀察到的情況 請參閱我們的條款和條件中預購時的交貨條件。

另一個問題是關於Bob小寶洗碗機或Daan Tech的問題? 請訪問我們的常見問題。

  • 1台Bob小寶洗碗機
  • 1根電源線 (1.50 m)
  • 1根排水管 (1.50 m)
  • 1個籃子
  • 1個模塊6個板塊
  • 2個模塊 2個杯子
  • 1個餐具模塊
  • 1本說明書
  • 回收的牛皮紙板
  • 天然油墨
  • 無塑料外包裝

    Your choice will impact your access (or not) to Wi-Fi features, access to a translated interface, as well as the number of cycles available.

    One choice only :

    • Default

    Please select an option before proceeding to the next step
    • Without Wi-Fi
      No access to Bob+ features

      Digital screen
      Black & white

      Not compatible with Bob ultraviolet

      Express, Daily, Intensive, Eco

      Matte finish buttons

      white LED lighting

    • active

      Custom wash cycle
      Custom background image
      Custom ringtones

      LCD screen
      color with BobOS 7

      Compatible with Bob ultraviolet

      Glasses, Express, Daily, Intensive, Eco

      Chrome finish buttons

      Customizable lighting
      7 colors


    Why are the cycles not the same depending on the screens?

    By adding the color screen, we are also modifying the electronic card that controls the screen, which will allow you to have access to the 15min glass cycle.

    What is Bob+?

    Bob+ is a free service that allows you to activate the automatic cassette renewal as well as have access to advanced personalization parameters to modify your wallpaper, your ringtone, the color of the interior LEDs of your Bob and allows you to create custom cycles.

    What is the Wi-Fi connection on the color screen for?

    The Wi-Fi connection allows you to access the free Bob+ service as well as obtain software updates for your Bob if necessary.

  • Disinfection module

    Because serenity at home also depends on the health of your environment, we suggest you add the Bob ultraviolet module to decontaminate your everyday objects.

    This option is not compatible with the selected minimalist screen

    Add a UVC module that disinfects objects of all kinds and removes bacteria and viruses in 20 minutes on all types of objects : masks, dishes, wallets, keys, etc. Know more >

    Whether you have a basic use or multiple and specific needs for Bob, we have planned two basket offers for you that will adapt to your uses.

    Only one choice:

    • Default

    Please select an option before proceeding to the next step

    • Are your needs basic? Do you just want to be able to wash the dishes daily for 1 to 2 people?
      Make the choice of the simple basket.



      1 «6 plates» module

      2 glasses modules

    • Do you want greater flexibility? Be able to wash up to 10 plates, up to 16 glasses or cups?
      Make the choice of the improved basket.


      2 cutlery module

      1 «6 plates» module
      + 1 «4 plates» extension module

      2 glasses modules
      1 Bob extraglass
      (6 glasses modules)

  • Filling the water tank

    Choose how you would like to connect Bob to the water supply.
    Whether you have a water supply or not, we have a solution for you!
    With Bob easytap you can connect Bob to your tap!

     1 choice maximum

    Automatic filling using tap

    You can only choose one option

    34,80€ 43% discount only on the purchase of a Bob

    Bob easytap is a diverter to
    be installed at the end of your tap
    to fill your dishwasher (compatible with
    all dishwashers) automatically
    thanks to the water inlet hose

    How does it works ? >


  • Manual filling

    You can only choose one option

    Design decanter made in France to fill your Bob's tank in a few seconds. Capacity 1,3L
    More informations >
  • Automatic filling via water supply

    You can only choose one option

    Simply connect Bob to a water inlet using this Bob easywater inlet hose (length 1.50 m).
    How does it work? >
  • Bob special washing solutions

    Bob is compatible with all the solutions on the market, and the Bob cassette is not mandatory. Expert in dishwashers since 2016, Daan Tech has designed efficient and ecological washing solutions

    Multiple selection:

    29,90€ 33% discount only on the purchase of a Bob

    Eco-Pack Bob Tablette 90 cycles

    • The ultra-efficient solution for long cycles.
      Suitable for hard water

    • For cycles of 50 min and more only

    • Effective for hard water
      (Very calcareous water)

    • All in one

      Deep cleaning and degreasing

      Glass protection

      Rinse and salt function included

    • Manual

      You must put a tablet before each cycle

      30 individual tablets in a pack

    €34.90 43% discount only on the purchase of a Bob

    Compilation pop/rock 90 cycles

    • The automated solution
      Better performance on short cycles.

    • Recommended for short cycles (50min and less)

    • Recommended for water hardness below 20°fH
      (Low calcareous water)

    • All in one

      Deep cleaning and degreasing

      Glass protection

      Rinse and salt function included

    • Automatic

      Bob recognizes the cassette and automatically adds the correct dose of detergent during the cycle

      30 doses in a pop cassette

  • Get an additional 3 years of warranty, or 5 years total, with fast, free access
    to Daan Tech technicians and easy provision of self-repair and return-to-
    factory solutions.
    Learn more

    • 129€
    • 129€

      Special offer ! 23% immediate discount for the purchase of a bob

      • 3 year extended warranty
      • After-sales service within 72 hours
      • Free repair by Daan Tech team
    Reset options
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