Bob’s connections



 Water inlet connection :


2 available options


1   Logo Bob easywater

Raccordement arrivée eau bob mini lave vaisselle


Plug the water inlet hose  Logo Bob easywater on one side to the back of Bob and on the other side to a water inlet via a 19 mm threaded end (3/4 inch) and make sure the connection is firmly tightened.

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2    Logo Bob carafe

Raccordement réservoir d'eau bob mini lave vaisselle


Using Bob as an autonomous freestanding dishwasher thanks to its built-in water tank. In this case, no water inlet hose is needed! Please use Bob Carafe to quickly fill the water tank! Bob can be filled with either cold or hot water up to 60°C. 

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Water outlet connection:


Plug the water drain hose to the back of Bob

To prevent leaks, please use the provided clamp to fix the water outlet. 

Raccordement eaux usées bob mini lave vaisselle
Raccordement eaux usées bob mini lave vaisselle

2 options for evacutaing the waste water



1  Siphon drain pipe 


Connect the water outlet hose to a siphon drain pipe (usually accessible under the sink)

Warning: The waste water coming out of Bob can reach high temperature of up to 70°C.


Raccordement eaux usées syphon évacuation bob mini lave vaisselle

2   logo Bob easyfix


Install the water outlet drain hose either in a fixed or flexible mode by using the logo Bob easyfix equipment provided by Daan Tech. 


Fixed installation

Place the drain hose directly in your sink and fix it with the equipment provided by Daan Tech


Bob Easyfix Evier Systeme Tuyau Evacuation

Flexible installation

Place the drain hose in a container (jerrican, bucket, etc…)


Bob Easyfix Seau
Bob Easyfix Jerrican

Power plug :


Connect the power cable to Bob’s back and connect the power cable to a 220- 240V 50-60Hz plug. 

Branchement alimentation Bob le mini_lave vaisselle

Before you connect Bob to the power supply, please make sure that the voltage on the type plate corresponds to the voltage of your power supply. 

bonne pratique branchement prise electrique Bob le mini lave vaisselle


Do not plug or unplug by pulling the cord, but always pull the plug directly

The content of this page is presented for information only, it does not in any way constitute a complete notice. For more information, please refer to Bob’s user guide.