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    About Bob



    Bob is as small as a microwave and can therefore be easily placed on your kitchen countertop, next to the sink.

    Bob is as light as a feather (only 10kg / 22lb) and super easy to carry due to its integrated handles.

    It’s the smallest dishwasher in the world!


    Small is beautiful


    Bob is tiny but incredibly spacious, with a width of only 34 cm (13.4 inches).

    Bob can accommodate plates up to 29cm (11.4 inches), a first for a dishwasher of this size!



    Bob is the first dishwasher that can operate without a water supply thanks to its 3.9 liter integrated water tank.

    Conveniently, the filling is done from the front, allowing to place Bob under a kitchen cabinet.

    If necessary, you can also connect it to a water supply using  Logo Bob easywater



    Bob is inspired by professional dishwashers and features an adaptable basket that can be customized to meet your individual needs.

    You can wash up to 16 glasses or cups in only 15 minutes, or your daily dishes in just 20 minutes!

    Saving water


    Did you know that washing dishes by hand uses about 15L of water for the same amount of dishes you can wash in Bob with only 2.9L?

    In fact, Bob uses 5 times less water than washing dishes by hand.

    Bob fits everywhere

    Motorhomes, boats, vans, kitchens, offices… install it wherever you want, it’s the smallest dishwasher in the world!