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Bob dishwasher eco-compact | Original Edition

£319.90 Bob made in France. Free delivery. shipment within 5 business days

      • UV-C cleaning technology module
      • Bob easywater water supply hose
      • Bob carafe Silver edition
      • Improved basket with extraglass modules
      • Bob cassette compilation 90+1 cycles
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Fast and free delivery

Eco-designed from 85% recycled plastic

Who is Bob?

The self-contained, eco-compact dishwasher made in France. It washes the daily dishes of 2 people in 20 min.

Automatic opening at the end of the cycle

LCD color interface with Wi-Fi

Color LCD display

LED lighting
7 colors

Bob ultraviolet logo white active

  • Custom wash cycle
  • Wallpaper customization
  • Ringtone customization
  • Automatic Bob cassette renewal


Washing programs
Glasses, Express, Daily, Intensive, Eco

Included in the product

  • 1 Bob of the selected color with LCD color screen with Wi-Fi
  • 1 drain hose (1.5m)
  • 1 pop cassette (30 washes)
  • 1 basket
  • 1 accessory 6 plates
  • 2 accessories 2 glasses
  • 1 cutlery accessory
  • 1 power cord (1.5m)
  • 1 explanatory note

Want to choose your custom options?

Configure your Bob in several steps!

I configure my Bob
About Bob and technical specifications
Energy Label Bob
Type of product Ultra-compact dishwasher
Installation type Freestanding (for example on a work surface)
Installation and use locations Bob fits everywhere: kitchens, corporate offices, rest rooms, secondary homes, motorhomes, boats, etc.
Water supply mode
2 possibilities: built-in water tank OR connection to a conventional water supply
Filling the water tank Above by the front, practical and allows you to place Bob under a sink
Is Bob autonomous? Yes built-in water tank
Water Tank capacity (in liters) 3,9L
Connection to a water supply Yes, with Bob easywater inlet hose (optional)
Wastewater disposal
Drain system Pipe to put in sink or other water drainage system
Drain hose length 1.50 m
Number of covers (place settings) according to European standard 2
Number of covers (place settings) according to use Daily tableware for 2 people: 4 plates, 4 glasses, 2 cups, 2 bowls, a small saucepan or frying pan, and cutlery (knives, forks, spoons)
Maximum plate size 29 centimeters
Basket customization Yes, modular basket
Basket accessories supplied Main basket, 1 plate module, 1 cutlery module, 2 glass modules
Use for professionals Yes, 10 minutes glasses mode (thanks to Bob extraglass option) and 20 minutes Express mode
Washing programs
Number of programs 5 as standard: Express, Daily, Intensive, Glasses, Eco
Personalization of washing programs Yes, possibility of creating up to 4 personalized cycles
Duration of the Express program 20 minutes (only!)
Water consumption per Express cycle 2.9L
Washing temperatures 30-70°C
Dimensions and weights
Bob width 34 cm
Bob height 49 cm
Bob depth 49 cm
Height adjustable Yes 4 feets to adjust the height up to + 1cm
Product weight 10,9 kg
Weight of box (delivery) 15 kg
Transportability 2 ergonomic handles for easy carrying
Performance and innovation
The two-in-one dishwasher Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) with Bob ultraviolet (optional)
Drying mode Natural and economical, automatic door opening at the end of the cycle for natural drying that does not consume energy
Door opening system Touch
Lighting Multicolor RGB LED system
Sound alert Yes, buzzer
Interface and connectivity
Interface 320x240px color LCD screen
Navigation 3 backlit physical buttons
Connectivity Wireless Wi-Fi
Design and aesthetics
Finishes Glossy door, matt body, chrome finish on buttons and logo, transparent central porthole
Number of colors for the door 12 colors for the door
Number of body colors 2 body colors
Custom message 80 characters thanks to Bob message (optional)
Power supply 220-240 V ~ / 50 Hz
Electric power 1000W
Rated current 10 A
Anti-theft system Yes, Bob lock anti-theft system (optional)
Warranty and repairability
Guarantee 2 years
Availability of spare parts 10 years
Brand name Bob the mini dishwasher
Manufacturer's Name Daan Technologies SAS
Origin of manufacture France (Vendée)
Label and certification Origine France Garantie
Recycled materials Bob is made from more than 50% recycled and recyclable materials
Observations See delivery conditions when pre-ordering in our Terms & Conditions

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