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Designed and made in France by Daan Tech

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More than 80,000 daily users.

Bob’s advantages

Fits everywhere

Express Cycle

Water Tank

Fits everywhere

Express Cycle


Water Tank

Bob washes daily dishes for up to 3 people in just 20 minutes.

The Efficient and Economic dishwasher

Optimized washing with its rotating spray arm.

9 buses

Jet 360°

up to 70°C

9 buses

Jet 360°


Compatible with all detergents on the market

Quiet – 36dB

Optimized filtration

6 washing programmes

Designed and adapted for all uses

Designed for quick cleaning of glasses and cups

Designed for cleaning non-dry dishes

Designed for cleaning dishes daily.

Designed for cleaning dry and dirty dishes

Designed to consume the minimum amount of water and electricity
while guaranteeing a good quality wash

Designed for cleaning everyday objects (keys, telephone, etc.).
Water-free cycles of 30 or 60 min.

Power and water consumption

Washing dishes with Bob use 5 times less water

Since October 2020, Bob has saved over 150 million litres of water, thanks to our committed community of over 80,000 members who use Bob every day. Thank you!

And finally, Bob uses less electricity than washing by hand, so it’s a simple way to reduce your bill.

Automatic opening upon finish

Thanks to our advanced technology, our dishwasher automatically opens its door at the end of the wash cycle.

Unlike traditional dishwashers that use a fan to evacuate hot air and dry dishes, our magnetic system allows moisture to evaporate naturally. This significantly reduces energy consumption, which is not only good for the environment, but also for your electricity bill.

Touch opening

Say goodbye to fumbling with handles and hello to seamless functionality in your kitchen.

Experience effortless convenience with our mini-dishwasher featuring touch opening technology, making Bob opening like a breeze with just a gentle tap.


Dimensions W x H x D
34 x 49 x 49 cm
(13,4 x 19,3 x 19,3 inches)

EXPRESS cycle time
20 minutes

2.9 liters / EXPRESS cycle

3,9 liter built-in water tank

10,9kg (24lb)




Type of product

Ultra-compact dishwasher

Installation type

Freestanding (for example on a work surface)

Installation and use locations

Bob fits everywhere: kitchens, corporate offices, rest rooms, secondary homes, motorhomes, boats, etcs.



2 possibilities : built-in water tank OR connection to a conventional water supply

Filling the water tank

Above by the front, practical and allows you to place Bob under a sink

Is Bob autonomous?

Yes built-in water tank

Water Tank capacity (in liters)


Raccordement à une arrivée d’eau

Yes, with Bob easywater inlet hose – 1,50 m (optional)

Bob easywater supply hose outer diameter

1,7 cm (head tip: 3.2 cm)




Drain system

Hose to fit into sink or other drainage system (jerrycan, etc.) with Bob easyfix fixing system

Drain hose length

1,50 m

Drain hose outer diameter

1,6 cm




Number of covers (place settings) according to European standard


Number of covers (place settings) according to use

Daily tableware for 3 people: 6 plates, 4 glasses, 2 cups, 2 bowls, a small saucepan or frying pan, nad cutlery (knives, forks, spoons)

Maximum plate sizes

29 centimeters

Bastket customization

Yes, modular basket

Basket accessories supplied

Main basket, 1 plate module, 1 plate extension module, 1 cutlery module, 3 glass modules

Use for professionals

Yes, 10 minutes glasses mode (thanks to Bob extraglass option) and 20 minutes Express mode




Number of programs

5 as standard : Express, Daily, Intensive, Glasses, Eco

Personalization of washing programs

Yes, possibility of creating up to 4 personalized cycles

Duration of the Express program

20 minutes

Water consumption per Express cycle


Water consumption per Glasses cycle


Washing temperatures





Bob width

34 cm

Bob height

49 cm

Bob depth

49 cm

Height adjustable

Yes 4 feets to adjust the huight up to + 1 cm

Product weight

10,9 kg (+/- 0,5kg)

Weight of box (delivery)

15 kg (+/- 0,5kg)


2 ergonomic handles for easy carrying




Standard washing cycle


Duration of the standard washing cycle

180 minutes

Energy efficiency class

F (according to EU standard 2017/1369)

Energy consumption per standard cycle

0,43 kWh

Power consumption in standby mode (door open)

0.4 W

Duration of the standby mode

5 minutes

Annual water consumption (standard cycle)

1064 litres – 3,8L/cycle




The two-in-one dishwasher

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGO) with Bob ultraviolet (optional)

Washing efficiency


Drying efficiency


Drying mode

Natural and economical, automatic dorr opening at the end of the cycle for natural drying that does not consume energy

Door opening system



Multicolor RGB LED system

Sound alert

Yes, buzzer

Automatic detergent dosing system

Yes, Bob cassette (30 cycles / cassette)





320x240px color LCD screen


3 backlist physical buttons


Wireless Wi-Fi





Glossy door, matt body, chrome finish on buttons and logo, transparent central porthole

Number of colors for the door

19 colors for the door

Number of body colors

2 body colors




Power supply

220-240 V~ / 50 Hz

Electric pozer


Rated current

10 A





2 years

Availability of spare parts

11 years after purchase date




Brand name

Bob the eco-compact dishwasher

Manufacturer’s Name

Daan Technologies SAS (Daan Tech)

Origin of manufacture

France (Vendée)

Recycled materials

Bob is made from more than 50% recycled and recyclable materials



Our dishwasher is designed for maximum flexibility and simplicity, with a built-in water tank that can be filled manually.

With our dishwasher, you can place it anywhere in your home, even in places where there’s no water source nearby. It’s ideal for small kitchens, studios or even holiday homes.

For those who prefer an even more practical solution, our dishwasher can also be connected directly to your sink tap using the ‘Bob easytap’ tap diverter. This option gives you even greater flexibility

The ‘Bob easytap’ diverter attaches easily to your tap, allowing you to fill the dishwasher effortlessly.

For those who prefer a more traditional installation, Bob the eco-compact dishwasher can also be connected to a fixed water supply using the ‘Bob easywater’ hose (1.5m).

This option ensures a constant and reliable water supply, ideal for everyday use without having to worry about topping up.


Our dishwasher can be drained directly into a sink or into containers larger than 3 litres, such as buckets or jerrycans. This flexibility makes it easy and convenient to use, wherever you use your appliance.

Bob can also be emptied into standard drains thanks to its 1.5 metre hose. This option makes installation more permanent and practical for everyday use.

Modular basket

Customised organisation and optimum efficiency

Our basket can be made up of plates, glasses, cutlery and bowls modules. Bob is designed to adapt to your specific needs and the variety of your dishes. Our dishwasher is equipped with a modular basket system that allows you to customise the organisation of your dishes. The modules are interchangeable, allowing you to configure the interior space according to your specific needs at the time. 

Unlike many of its competitors, Bob can accommodate plates up to 29cm in diameter.

Entirely customizable with 38 possibles combinations

19 door colors possible

Ice Blue

Maya Blue

Intense Violet

Pink Pastel

Matte White

Matte Black

Original Gold

Pearl Silver


Pastel Lilac

Chrome Green

Dark Black

Snow White

Shiny Silver

Cherry Red

Clockwork Orange

Canary Yellow

Apple Green

Almond Green

Complementary with 2 body color. Black & White

Our ecological commitment

Bob is made from 65% recycled plastic, helping to reduce plastic waste and preserve natural resources

Bob is built to stand the test of time. We’ve designed Bob to last at least 10 years. Unlike many household appliances subject to programmed obsolescence.

Bob is designed with easily replaceable components, making repairs simple and cost-effective. If necessary, you can extend the life of your device without having to replace it entirely.

We offer full technical support for Bob, with spare parts available over a long period. Our aim is to accompany you throughout the life of your dishwasher, ensuring optimum, long-lasting use.

Daan Tech was established in 2016 to design, manufacture and sell a range of devices and services to tackle the main challenges of the 21st century. Its first product is Bob the mini dishwasher, the world’s most advanced autonomous and eco-friendly dishwasher.

Since Daan Tech has been incorporated it gathered a deep know-how about mechanical design, plastic injection, hardware electronics, software development and product integration within its 2,500sqm factory located in Vendée, France.

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