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“Bob the mini dishwasher stole my heart. He’s ready to win yours too, and clean the dishes at the same time.”

Lexy Savvides/CNET

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“The wash cycle is a super-fast 20 minutes, and the company says it uses five times less water than you would doing the dishes by hand. “

Roddy Blelloch/USA Today

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“Daan Tech is a startup we found at CES 2022 that is taking a fresh new look at tech aimed specifically at small households of one or two people.”

Haje Jan Kamps/ TechCrunch

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“Plus you can use its water-free UV-C mode to disinfect things like phones, or keys, or other things that can’t get wet. Plus it’s hella cute.”

Greg Kumparak/ Yahoo

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“If you’re looking for a dishwasher that will fit in spaces that others won’t, this is it !”


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“This dishwasher is tiny, much smaller than the average countertop unit, and it has a cute look when compared to most other countertop models.”


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“Bob is surprisingly spacious inside. With a width of 13.4 inches, the dishwasher can accommodate plates up to 11.4 inches.”

Deena Theresa/Interesting Engineering

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” The dishwasher’s touch-to-open door automatically opens during the drying cycle to help dry dishes faster.”

Ed Oswald/Techhive

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“Bob is made in France and is available for pre-order now starting at $299, with delivery estimated by the end of the summer.”


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They talk about Logo catégorie produits mini lave vaisselle sur le site e-commerce Daan Tech

“Bob is one of the innovation models which integrate the human being at the heart of their DNA, without forgetting to be technically flawless”

AB Smart Health

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“Bob may be the answer to all our prays as it’s small enough to fit on a kitchen worktop but big enough for two people’s plates, mugs and glasses.”


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“Compact, good-looking and surprisingly capable with small loads, Bob is a great alternative to a full-size appliance.”


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“Bob also has the advantage of being the best looking mini dishwasher on the market.”

Mighty Gadget

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“If you’re looking for a dishwasher that will fit in spaces that others won’t, this is it !”


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“Bob works totally independent of any plumbing or pipes, which makes it easy to set up and install virtually anywhere.”

Jewish News

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“Changing the outlook of dishwashers, a French company has designed a small and autonomous dishwasher called Bob.”


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Bob is as small as a microwave and can easily be put right on your kitchen countertop.

Weighing in at only 22 lbs, Bob packs power and is super easy to move thanks to its integrated handles. 

It’s the smallest dishwasher in the world!




Bob small mini lave vaisselle dishwasher small kitchen student orange
Dimension ok Bob the mini dishwasher
Dimension ok Bob the mini dishwasher
Beautifully small

Bob is tiny but incredibly spacious, with a width of only 13.4 inches.

Bob can accommodate plates up to 11.4 inches, a first for a dishwasher of its size!

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Bob is the first dishwasher that can operate without a water connection thanks to its 3.9 liter integrated water tank.

The filling is done in the front, so Bob is convenient to use even when placed under a cabinet.

To function like a traditional dishwasher, Bob can also be connected directly to a water supply using  Logo Bob easywater 

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Panier modulable bob mini lave vaisselle


Bob is inspired by professional dishwashers and features an adaptable basket that can be customized for any situation.

You can wash up to 16 glasses in 15 minutes for the office, or a daily load of dishes in just 20 minutes!




Water conscious 


For two place settings, washing dishes by hand uses about 4 gal (15L) of water, but the same number of dishes only consumes .8 gal (1.9L) with Bob.

This means Bob uses 5 times less water than hand washing. 

Comparatif économe Bob le mini lave-vaisselle 2.9 litres lavage main 15 litres


Bob is available in 24 color combinations!

Choose between a black or white body and 12 classic colors for the door.

Roue des couleurs Bob le mini lave-vaisselle

The world’s most advanced dishwasher



Bring the world’s fastest dishwasher to your kitchen!

Bob can get a load done in just 20 minutes (Express program).

Touch sensor door


Bob is the first dishwasher to feature a tactile door opening.

When your hands are full, simply tap to open.

Bob séchage naturelle ouverture automatique
Condensation drying


Its magnetic door automatically opens at the end of a cycle to dry dishes faster, better, and economically.



Bob features a light panel with LED technology that consumes little energy but is extremely bright to illuminate your dishes and enhance the ambiance of your kitchen.


Bob ultraviolet logo white


Standard with Bob Premium, you can disinfect all kinds of objects with Bob.ultraviolet:  Masks, wallets, keys, dishes, toys, and more.

The waterless UV-C program kills 99% of bacteria and viruses in just 20 minutes.

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Bob 2-in-1: Dishwasher and UV-C sanitization

Discover the UV empowered program designed by Daan Tech



Bob is the first mini dishwasher with wifi connection for easy OS updates and diagnostics, with even more features to come… 

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Bob lave vaisselle Wi-Fi
Simple Connections


Designed for easy operation, we’ve got you covered.

Bob OS logo


BobOS is the operating system developed in-house at Daan Tech .

3 simple buttons. A 320px LCD screen. Bob is operated directly through its illuminated color interface. 

Bob OS interface mini dishwasher
Ouvrir Bob le mini lave vaisselle-pour insérer la Bob cassette
Logo Bob cassette Daan Tech


Bob Cassette is the world’s most effective all-in-one dishwashing detergent distribution system. Simply insert and go. 

It’s that simple.


Bob cassette back bleu pour mini lave-vaisselle Bob

Our commitment

We are devoted to keeping our environmental footprint as small as possible with big commitments.



To minimize the impact our industry has on the environment, we use as much recycled and recyclable plastic as possible.

Bob is the only dishwasher that is made from 50% recycled plastic,  and all our Bob cassettes are reusable.


Sustainable packaging


Our values are also reflected in our choice of packaging.

Bob and all the accessories on our website are packaged using recycled cardboard. We print using natural inks. We do our best to avoid unnecessary plastic in all our packaging solutions.



Daan Tech’s design office designs innovative and ergonomic devices adapted to new applications. Intense testing ensures maximum durability and compliance with the highest standards. Bob the mini dishwasher is designed to last at least 10 years.

We are an industrial company committed to smart practices and strongly opposed to purposeful ignorance about the environment

Bob is designed to be repairable and durable, with troubleshooting support and easy part replacement. 


Made in France


We decided to develop and manufacture Bob in France to revive our sector in a sustainable manner. 

Today, we are the only dishwasher manufacturer in France. In the last 12 months, Daan Tech has successfully created 40 new jobs and proved sustainability can be successful in today’s world.


Bring a French touch to your kitchen, even if it’s not with food. 

Daan Tech Factory Bob Tablette Bob dishwasher

Bob fits in everywhere

Motorhomes, boats, vans, kitchens, offices– install it wherever you want, it’s the world’s smallest dishwasher!

Discover Bob Office
Discover Bob Party



Dimensions W x H x D
34 x 49 x 49 cm
(13,4 x 19,3 x 19,3 inches)

EXPRESS cycle time
20 minutes

2.9 liters / EXPRESS cycle

3,9 liter built-in water tank

10,9kg (24lb)



specifications dimentions size compact bob mini dishwasher

Be part of our community

We hope to welcome you as a member of the Bob community, and if you are already part of it: thank you for supporting our mission and working with us for a better future!

Bob le mini lave vaisselle sur un scooter Vespa avec casque drapeau italien à Paris
Bob in campervan wild Canada Ghedeist large view
Toute l'équipe Daan Tech avec les 12 couleurs de Bob le mini lave vaisselle, photo prise dans notre usine en Vendée en juillet 2020
Bob le mini lave vaisselle sur un vélo cargo hollandais à Paris devant la tour Eiffel