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Pre-order delivery date: Progress on manufacturing of Joe the oven cooking appliance

3 years ago, we launched our 1st product, Bob – the only eco-compact dishwasher made in France. We offered everyone the chance to have an eco-designed dishwasher, whatever their kitchen layout, for anyone who didn’t want to use a standard dishwasher that was too big and consumed too much energy. We have produced and delivered over 80,000 Bobs worldwide.

So in 2021, we have launched a new project with the aim of simplifying your everyday life with an eco-designed appliance made in France that will change the way you do your cooking.


Why did it take two whole years to develop?

Because we believe in the importance of quality and excellence. We have devoted every day to fine-tuning the smallest details to ensure that the product we offer you is quite simply the best. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability and user experience has guided every decision we make.

Since last year, we have iterated and constantly improved the design, performance and precision of each technology. We’ve built several prototypes, carried out numerous tests and focus groups… Every product feature has been meticulously validated to guarantee exceptional performance and unfailing durability.

We’ve gone through several rounds of design iterations and manufacturing feedback, and we’ve drawn up a detailed schedule. While we are confident in our timescales, we will never settle for a mediocre product. We will not compromise on quality to save time. We promise to keep you informed every step of the way and to deliver the best possible quality product in the shortest possible time.


A durable product

It is in our DNA, but we have designed Joe to be completely dismountable so that every part can be repaired independently of the others. This guarantees that Joe will last for a long time and that you don’t have to replace everything if it breaks down.

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